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About Us


Restaurant, Bar, Live Venue - We're a space developed by Creatives, for Creatives in the Bedstuy neighborhood.


Concrete OPENED JULY 2018 and IS one of the newest REstaurant/ creative space Near the broadway/myrtle ave junction. On the border of Bushwick and Bedford-Styvesant, the founders seek to foster a space that will open opportunities and new experiences for the creative and local communities. 


Why is it called Concrete? 

We are inspired/influenced by the terrain and tastes of Sicily, and aim to fuse our experiences with the fast-paced and diverse culture found in our neighborhood of Brooklyn. Concrete was the link between both worlds- grounding, foundation, structural- the material represents Mt. Etna Volcano which looms over the Sicilian skyline, and the bones of our city, Brooklyn NY. 


What happens at Concrete?

Concrete is a restaurant, with full bar service and a large performance/event space. We are still in the development process and hope to offer other services in the future, including commuter services later in 2018, space rentals, and food delivery. Concrete also showcases artwork on OUR walls and shelves- please see the Art link for more information about current artists and exhibitions.


Is the space available for rent? 

to rent our space for private events or photo/film shoots, please contact us.


Do you have more questions about Concrete? Please contact us via email.


SPAce rental / private events:

please contact us at